Get Your Child Ready For Little League
February 21, 2013, 12:30 am by Brian

It’s Little League season!

Is your child showing interest in baseball? Encourage him or her! Baseball promotes confidence, social skills, team building, exercise and lifetime memories – not to mention an opportunity for the parent and child to bond. But how can you prepare your child for a successful season? Every child is unique - some develop faster than others while some are simply more athletic than others.

To insure a positive experience, try working with your child as much as possible on the basics of throwing, catching and hitting. Most Little League programs practice 2 to 3 times per week and will make a difference in your child’s development. But working with your child for 15 to 30 minutes on the off days will help significantly in developing the skills needed to play baseball.  Here are a few things you can do together to help prepare your child for Little League Baseball.

  • Make sure you get the proper equipment and the right sizes. Invest in a quality glove – this will increase catching performance. If a child can’t catch a ball, they will not enjoy the game.
  • Put safety above all else. Use wiffle, rubber or indoor training balls to play catch. Start by tossing underhand at a short distance. You may even want to kneel while playing catch so you and your child are on the “same level”.
  • Teach the proper way to hold a bat and swing. Start out using a large barrel plastic bat with wiffle balls so they can experience a good hit. Have them hit off a Tee and then graduate to pitching later.
  • Teach them how to field a ground ball and use fun names to describe the skill they need to execute the drill such as “scoop it like an alligator”.
  • Visit the field. Take a trip to a local field before Little League season starts. Once you’re there, you can explain what Little League is. You can also give them a taste of playing on the field by practicing batting and catching.
  • Remember, you’re the coach. If you’re not sure what to do, invest in a baseball coaching book. You can find great information on coaching here.

And of course, the practice and preparation wouldn’t be complete without the proper gear. Rogers Sports Group supplies safe and durable baseball equipment. Train your child for Little League with the help of our break away bases, home plates, pitching rubbers, portable throw down baseball bases and more!

Click on our product page to view a complete list of our baseball equipment. You can also call us at 1-800-829-7311 for more information.

Turning Your Backyard into a Baseball Field
January 24, 2013, 12:40 am by Brian

Baseball is the sport that best defines American pastime. Anyone can learn how to play baseball and it is a fun sport for all ages of play. But what if you’re in a rural area where there are no official baseball leagues? If you have a backyard that is bigger than 200 feet, you might have just enough space to turn it into a baseball field.

Assess and Measure

Take a good look at your yard. Evaluate the area and decide whether or not you have a large enough space to build. Always choose an area that is flat without any obstacles in the way such as a tree or large rocks. Take gross measurements using your tape measure. Determine the full scale of your field. The typical baseball field is 400 feet from the home plate at center field. Depending on the age of the players, you can get away with a baseball field that’s half that length.

Set Your Marks

The next thing you need to do is mark the field. Use a protractor to align the home plate. Remember to keep 90-degree angles as if it were the base of a diamond. Mark the spots then use rope to roll out the length of your backyard on each angle. These will become the baselines for first and third base.  Measure the appropriate distance between the home plate and second base. Last, measure and mark the correct distance from home plate to the pitcher’s mound.

Clear the Field

Cut or mow the grass. Get rid of any obstacles such as rocks, bushes, and other small plants. Once the field is clear, you can start marking designated areas with spray paint or an athletic field marker. Paint every line such as the outline of the field, foul lines, base paths, and the pitcher's mound.

Finally, put all the baseball bases appropriately in place. You can buy quality bases and other baseball supplies from our store. Keep browsing through our site to see more items. Once you finish putting your field together, all that’s left is for you to do is play ball!

Five Essential Baseball Field Equipment for Stadium Owners
January 22, 2013, 2:25 am by Brian

A baseball field requires more maintenance than most sports fields. The types of equipment needed depend on the level the participants play. Everyone knows that baseballs, bats, and gloves are important essentials to play the game, but most people aren’t always aware of the equipment needed for maintaining the field.


A rake is important to smooth the dirt over the infield before and after the game. Proper raking eliminates bad hops that create errors and cheap hits. Rake out uneven areas and use the back of the rake to pound large clumps and clods.


Make the baseball field look great by cutting the grass. There is a grass length requirement for the infield and the outfield. If the infield is not going to be dirt or clay, think of cutting the infield one inch shorter than the outfield to give it a more realistic appearance.


Most stadium owners use tampers on the artificial lawn to smooth the turf on the ground or to smooth out the infield. During game play, the participants’ cleats dig into the turf, causing lifts. Smoothen out uneven surfaces by using tampers.

Fence Capping

Fence caps are important for the little league level – where fences surround the playing area, not pads. Stadium owners use this equipment to go over any area where the fence is cut or frayed.


Use sprinklers after each game if you are using a grass field. Remove the grass and dirt from around the sprinkler head. This is to ensure the grass is getting proper treatment for extensive use.

Drag Mat

A smooth baseball field starts with soil that is free of stones and debris. The soil must have the proper consistency. Clean the field regularly after each game to ensure a fair play.

Manufacturers continuously improve the quality of field equipment to ensure the safety of players and fairness of play for the participants. Proper field equipment is important to reduce base injuries caused by improper slides. A well-maintained field allows players to play to the best of their abilities.

Preparing for the Upcoming Baseball Season
December 23, 2012, 8:10 am by Brian

Another baseball season is quickly approaching and Rogers Sports is ready for the New Year! After coming off of a brisk fall ball season, we’ve just received a new shipment of baseball bases, home plates, double first base systems and all the necessary accessories to equip your baseball fields for 2013.

As usual, you can count on the same high-quality, breakaway baseball bases you’ve come to know for over 30 years. A proud supplier to youth baseball leagues including Little League Baseball, PONY Baseball, Cal Ripken and others, Rogers® Break Away Base® prides itself on quality products that help to create a safer environment for the players without jeopardizing the mechanics of the game. 
Our baseball base tops are available in youth, teen, adult and professional levels. A question often asked is, “what baseball base level I should use”? Please be sure to check our recommended user guide prior to ordering your baseball bases. If you’re still not sure which level base tops to purchase, call us and we’ll be glad to assist. 
Our double first base system is available in two models – our low profile Step Away™ Double First base and our full size, break away double first safety base. Both are made of high quality, durable rubber and should last for years. 
Make sure to check out our One Time™ Home Plate system. This Bury-All style home plate is designed to last for years with interchangeable smooth, small groove and large groove white tops. Grooved tops provide a safer home plate environment by reducing slipping. Beveled collar provides improved baseball field maintenance. 
Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our participating dealers that help bring our baseball bases to market as well as all of our direct customers including colleges and universities, park and recreation departments, middle schools and high schools, military installations around the world and all the youth leagues that continue to purchase our baseball base products.  
The Origin of Break Away Bases & Clinical Studies
May 9, 2012, 8:25 am by Brian

In 2006, Little League® Baseball International mandated the use of disengage-able baseball bases for play on all Little League® Baseball fields. Little League organizations across the country were given until 2008 to convert their fields to these safer bases. But did you know that this disengage-able base rule was driven through a cohesive effort between Little League® Baseball and Rogers® Break Away Base®? That’s right. Rogers® Break Away Base® worked together with Little League® Baseball to test and analyze the performance of Rogers® Break Away Base® system and the results of this effort lead to the new mandate. And for good reason.

In fact, the opportunity to reduce injuries related to baseball sliding dates further back to the late 1980’s where the first clinical study was conducted By Dr. David Janda and a quorum of colleagues from the Orthopedic Surgery Associates in Ann Arbor Michigan.

In a previous retrospective study, base sliding was found to be responsible for 71% of recreational softball injuries. And because most injuries occurred during rapid deceleration into stationary bases, Rogers® Break Away Bases® were evaluated as a means to reduce this cause of injury – with attention grabbing results.  

In Dr. Janda’s study, 633 softball games were played using Rogers® Break Away Base® and 627 games using standard stationary bases. The results of this study were no less than amazing and proved that installing Rogers® Break Away Bases® on fields used by recreational leagues would achieve a significant reduction of serious softball injuries (98%) and, therefore, should be mandatory.  

Based on these findings, the Center for Disease Control has estimated 1.7 million injuries would be prevented nationally per year and save $2.0 BILLION per year nationally in acute medical care costs. 

Don't be misled by our competitors. If you're serious about protecting your ball players, get the original base that has been clinically tested and proven to reduce injuries related to base sliding. 

For more information, download the clinical studies located on the top left side of each page of our website or visit The Journal of The American Medical Association.


Welcome to the new website for Rogers Break Away Base!
April 28, 2012, 5:35 am by Brian

Thanks for visiting us at Rogers® Break Away Base®! This new section of the website is dedicated to providing the latest news on new product releases, product specials, inventory updates and industry events.  

We would like to express our appreciation to all of the many supporters of Rogers® Break Away Base® products. It has been a very busy year and we are fortunate to have such a tremendous following of end users and sporting goods dealers - thank you!

Our new website allows users to provide input regarding the products we offer. Although Rogers baseball base products have been tirelessly honed over the last 35 years, we understand there is always room for improvement. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Inventory Update:

The One Time™ Home Plate system and replacement components are due to arrive at our warehouse on Tuesday, May 1st and will be available for shipping the same day.

Pro level base tops are also due on May 1st and will be available for shipping the same day.

Our full size Double First base is due on May 1st and will be available for shipping the same day.

Product Updates:

Thanks for the many positive comments regarding Rogers® Quick Change™ Anchor covers! These durable anchor covers were specifically designed to work with Rogers® Break Away Base® system and are effective at reducing infield material around the top of the base anchors. 

Wishing all of you health and happiness this baseball season.