Streamliner 353 3-Wheel Line Chalker

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$589.00 - $695.00




The Beacon Streamliner brand of dryline markers has been field tested and proven to provide consistent, solid lines while using 30% less chalk on average. This 3-wheel, 35lb capacity durable dryline Chalker will help you professionally line your baseball and softball fields. A heavy-duty steel frame and the rugged molded hopper will withstand years of use. Smoother tracking with straighter lines. Optional Double-Play Aerosol attachment converts your dryline field marker into an aerosol line sprayer, and the optional softball pitcher’s circle kit simplifies lining the pitcher’s circle. Compatible with most aerosol field paint.

Additional features:

  • One-button retractable handle for easy storage
  • Easy adjustments between 2″ & 4″ lines
  • Variable flow control
  • No-flat tires.