Ecoliner Plus Baseball Field Striper

  • Product Code: RFM-ECO-PLUS





Ecoliner Plus Battery Powered Field Striper

The EcoLiner™ Plus Battery Powered Field Striper machine features a heavy-duty diaphragm pump powered by a 12-volt deep cycle battery. Quickly and easily paint professional quality lines for hours on a single battery charge of this field paint machine: no expensive gasoline engines or compressors to maintain.

Product Features:

  • No Messy Pouring and Easy to Use – Place a 5-gallon pail of premixed paint on the machine, and you are ready to mark your field. Plus, changing colors is both fast and easy to do with the operator-friendly design of this field paint machine.
  • Cleanup is a Snap – When finished painting, simply flush clean water through the spraying system, and the machine is ready for your next field marking job.
  • Paint Fields in Half the Time – The efficient spray nozzle design of this field paint machine marks high-quality lines the first time, eliminating the need for tedious touch-ups and repainting of lines for increased visibility
  • The line width is fully adjustable from 2 to 6 inches, allowing greater flexibility to meet your field marking needs.
  • Flat Free Tires
  • Built to Last – This battery-powered field striper machine is made with all welded steel construction and quality components to provide you with years of trouble-free service.