G Tee Pro Low Ball Batting Tee

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G Tee Pro Low Ball Tee

The G Tee Pro Low Ball Tee was engineered to professional standards and is constructed with only the finest components. Build mechanics to effectively hit the “low ball” and drive the ball out of the stadium. Choose from 4 uprights in sizes 10″, 13″, 16″, and 19″. Seals and bushings at the core of the upright maintain the height of the ball, hit after hit. The G Tee Pro Low Ball Tee comes with a Pro 16″ x 16″ base, constructed of ¼” stainless steel that eliminates: slipping, instability when working the corners of the plate & the need for a weight on the base. This steadiness and the uniquely designed flexible rubber G Tee cup allow the hitter to hear and feel the ball on impact. The G Tee Pro Low Ball Tee is completely portable; assembly or disassembly takes seconds. Two Year Warranty on all parts and labor.

Product Features

  • Used by Professional Baseball & Softball Players
  • Precision Machined Stainless Steel & Aluminum Construction
  • Pro 16″ stainless Steel Base
  • Replaceable Flexible Rubber Cup
  • Two-Year Warranty on All Parts & Labor (Includes Rubber Cup)
  • Patented Design for Optimum Performance
  • Made in the USA