Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

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Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

The Hack Attack has a unique three-wheel design that allows you to see the ball clearly and fully all the way through the feeding motion, acceleration, and release, just like a live pitcher.

With this design, the hitter sees when to stride and the angle of release, giving him an actual live-arm sense of timing and location. With a quick turn of the Hack Attack dials, you can effortlessly throw major league fastballs and right- and left-handed breaking pitches, including curveballs, sliders, and split fingers.

This exclusive three-wheel design changes the breaking pitch plane by simply adjusting wheel speed dials. (All two-wheel units require time-consuming, awkward throwing head adjustments to change from fastballs to curveballs or right- to left-handed breaking pitches.)

The Hack Attack’s elevation adjustment handle will raise or lower the pitch. With a simple turn, you can even move the pitch up or down within the strike zone between pitches. (On two-wheel pitching machines, it may be necessary to release a locking mechanism, reposition the entire throwing head by tilting it manually, and then re-locking the locking mechanism. These are awkward, time-consuming adjustments.)


The Hack Attack has an inside/outside adjustment that provides instant, minute ball location change at the plate.
This feature will:

  • Center the first pitch without having to shift the entire machine (no more kicking the back leg)
  • Allow the operator to move the pitch inside or outside with a simple turn of a handle
  • In combination with the elevation control, quickly move a pitch to any area of the strike zone between pitches

The throwing head of the Hack Attack pivots instantly in any direction for all fungo work, including deep fly balls that can drive fielders to the fence, slicing line drives, catcher’s pop-ups with reverse spin, towering infield pop-ups, and grounders.

This effective training tool saves time in practice with limited throwing head adjustments needed and an almost instant recovery time. More strikes are delivered at every practice!

The Hack Attack pitching machine quickly moves on and off the field by just tilting it, un-socketing the legs, and easily rolling it on two heavy-duty transporting wheels (not the throwing wheels).

The front wheel guards ensure the throwing wheels never contact the ground. (Some machines are moved using throwing wheels, which pick up dangerous dirt and gravel, causing inaccuracy and wear.)

The Hack Attack pitching machine is designed for use with regulation leather baseballs, dimpled practice balls, Wiffle® balls, and all softer practice balls. (Not synthetic leather balls as they wear quickly and will leave a residue on the wheel.)

No assembly is required; the Hack Attack arrives fully assembled and ready for your immediate use.

Exceptional Pitching Machine Quality
The Hack Attack baseball pitching machine is heavy enough to absorb recoil, ensuring accuracy, yet portable and easily moved by one person.

The extra wide tripod base ensures real stability and safety on pitching mounds or baseball-playing surfaces.

High tensile, tough heat-treated alloy, weather-resistant aluminum casting throwing head protects the throwing mechanism.

Rugged powder-coated rust-proof steel frame ensures limitless seasons of use.

The throwing wheels out-last all other baseball pitching machine wheels and don’t melt in direct summer heat. Sports Attack has never replaced a wheel from wear or heat exposure.

Three powerful variable-speed motors drive three indestructible concave 14″ throwing wheels.

Hack Attack Specifications

  • Speed 100+ MPH
  • Distance 60 ft.
  • Vision Complete ball vision provides a realistic sense of timing
  • Accuracy The ball is gripped in three locations, providing tremendous control and accuracy
  • Efficiency Dial-in pitch selection without throwing head adjustments maximizes practice time
  • Fungo 380 ft. fly balls
  • Portability Quickly rolls on and off the field
  • Recovery Time 5 seconds; because of the three wheels, it is almost instant