Newstripe Field Liner 3 Field Striping Machine

  • Product Code: RFM-FIELD-3





Newstripe Field Liner 3 Field Striping Machine

The Newstripe FieldLiner 3™ sets a new standard for an economical field paint sprayer. It produces a better quality line than aerosol spray cans and saves you money! The easy to clean, 3 Gallon tank, has a wide opening so you can easily fill it with cost-effective bulk paint. Plus, you can add the optional CO2 Power Pack to this field striper machine to eliminate hand pumping. Not only does it save you money it allows you to stripe 25-30% faster.

Product Features

  • Simple to use – A built-in hand pump pressurizes the paint. Easy-to-read pressure gauge keeps the paint pressure exactly right on this field striper machine
  • Easy to Clean- Simply tip the machine over the front wheels onto the handle and flush out the tank. The tank includes a wide opening for easy filling, a pressure gauge, and a safety relief valve
  • Brighter Lines – Get heavier, brighter lines, that will last much longer than with aerosol paints. No toxic cans to dispose of
  • Removable Spray Gun – The adjustable in-line handgun quickly detaches to spray corners, circles, and stencils
  • Adjustable Handle – The full loop handle adjusts to two different height positions and folds to fit easily into a car trunk or SUV
  • 18-Month Warranty