Newstripe Heavy-Duty 100lb Dry Line Marker

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Newstripe Heavy-Duty 100lb Dry Line Marker

Newstripe’s  NewLiner™ 100lb Heavy-Duty Dry Line Marker tackles your largest chalking job and saves time. Durable and long-lasting with a 4-wheel design makes chalking your baseball fields quick and effortless. Loop handles with foam grips provide comfort. Popular among youth baseball and softball, high schools, colleges, and park & recreation facilities.

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel containers will not rust
  • The 4-wheel design simplifies the application
  • Precision control for 2-inch or 4-inch lines
  • A site window in the frame allows the user to view string and chalk dispensing
  • 10″ semi-pneumatic wheels provide a smooth application