Original Base Set w/Dbl 1st-Pro

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Rogers® Original Pro Level BreakAway™ Base set with Full Size Single-Molded Double First Base. High performance base tops able to withstand heavy usage associated with advanced players. Durable construction and “break away” mechanism calibrated to accommodate college level and above.

Complete system includes:

Three (3) anchor kits & hardware
Three (3) base plates
Two (2) pro base tops
One (1) Singled-molded double first base
Three (3) anchor plugs
One (1) digout tool

Recommended Age levels:

Professional, college or advanced players


ModelRecommended Usage
YouthMale up to 12 years - Female up to 16 years
TeenMale up to 16 years - Female up to 21 years
AdultMale - 16 years & up - Female 21 years & up
ProAdvanced or Professional Players Only