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Portolite 8″ One-Piece Game Mound

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Portolite portable pitching mounds give the pitcher the feel of a regulation baseball mound while also allowing field crews the ability to move it with ease. Portolit’s mounds are designed with a full body, high-performance, poly-protected resilient core with fiberglass reinforcement for a solid, no-bounce, yet cushioned mound that reduces knee and ankle strain. Portolite mounds are covered with the highest quality turf available with simulated pitching rubbers designed to last for years and include a hidden wear pad underneath the turf immediately in front of the pitching rubber. Built with gentle slopes and tapered edges to give the pitcher the highest level of comfort. Full-length Game Mounds are available in 6”, 8”, and 10” sizes to meet every age level.

NOTE: Ships in 3 to 4 weeks

Dimensions: 8″H x 10’5” L x 7’. Weight: 200 lbs. Available in green, clay, red, and tan.

  • Limited 10-year warranty on the core of the mound
  • Gentle slopes for pick-offs, no more falling off the mound
  • Smooth tapered edges
  • Highest-quality fiberglass, poly, and turf materials
  • Long-lasting pitching rubbers
  • A hidden “Wear Pad” located in front of the pitching rubber ensures years of use