Portolite Pro Spiked Softball Game Mat

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Portolite’s Pro Spiked softball game mat delivers the ultimate game experience. The superior design features 7000 spikes to keep pitchers’ feet firmly on the mat – no slipping, sliding or bunching. A longer, wider design provides a softball pitching mat that offers greater stride length and room to move. This incredibly durable mat stands up to extreme wear and tear and the elements. Lane stripes are designed for collegiate play.

Dimensions: 11’L x 4’W. Weight: 60 lbs. Available in green, red, and purple.

  • Now longer and wider! More stride length behind the rubber
  • Softball pitching mat doesn’t slip, slide, or bunch
  • 7000 spikes
  • Designed to protect synthetic fields
  • Regulation size for high school and college softball
  • Lane stripes to replicate college pitching experience