Portolite Softball Practice Mat With Spikes

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Portolite’s Signature softball practice mat with spikes is lightweight and convenient for softball pitchers ages 7 to college. Practice softball pitching drills on synthetic turf, grass, or dirt. The 11″ design accommodates a pitcher’s full stride and offers extra space behind the rubber. Six hundred spikes underneath prevent slipping, sliding, and bunching. Lane stripes replicate collegiate play. Wash with a hose and hang dry.

Dimensions: 11L’ x 3’W. Weight: 40 lbs. Available in green, red, and purple.

  • Convenient and portable – great for travel
  • Use on synthetic turf, grass, or dirt
  • Softball pitching mat doesn’t slip, slide, or bunch
  • 600 spikes
  • 11′ length accommodates the pitcher’s full-length stride
  • lane stripes replicate college experience
  • Easy clean up – wash with a hose, hang dry