Rogers 18″ Pro-Style Baseball Base Set

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Rogers 18″ Pro-Style Baseball Base Set

Rogers®’s new 18″Pro-Style base set was designed to reduce player collisions, thereby minimizing injuries. These professional-style bases are 3″ larger than traditional 15″x 15″ bases and provide players more room to share. Pebble-embossed, UV-resistant molded white rubber with heavy-duty PU foam pad. The triple-reinforced welded steel anchor system and stanchion pan are powder-coated and rust-resistant. Reinforced side walls withstand extreme use. Ground anchors and base plugs are included.


  • 18″x18″x2.5″ pro-style bases
  • A larger base size may reduce player collisions
  • Brute-strength, pebble-embossed
  • UV-resistant molded white rubber
  • Heavy-duty P.U. foam pad
  • Rust-resistant, powder-coated steel anchor system
  • Reinforced side walls
  • Includes 3 ground anchors & 3 base plugs


Major League Baseball switched from 15” square bases to 18” square bases in the 2023 season. As of January 2024, no other league or organization has adopted the bigger bases. Rogers will continue to monitor college, high school, youth, and adult organizations and be prepared to adapt to any additional changes.