Valle Eagle 1050S Outfield Training Glove

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Valle Eagle 1050S Outfield Training Glove

Valle Eagle 1050S Series has a Trapeze style webbing, with a great fit and feel, unlike any other training glove.  The Eagle 1050S is among the most popular training gloves for youth to MLB players. Added cushion thumb support with additional palm padding and “double index pads,” allows a player to wear his glove with one finger in each finger stall or two fingers in the pinky stall.

Valle Training Gloves are the “only” white color training gloves for baseball and softball players.  The most recognizable white color, highest quality, best design, best feel, and why the pros to little league players choose Valle.

Product Features

  • USA Steer Hide Leather
  • Leather welting
  • Double finger pads
  • Increased palm padding
  • Trapeze Web style
  • Additional room in the pinky stall
  • Pro USA  Leather Lacing
  • Thumb padding for fit and comfort
  • “Train Like A Pro” embroidered on the shell