Valle Eagle K47 Infield 7-Inch 4 Finger Training Glove

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Valle Eagle K47 Infield 7-Inch 4-Finger Training Glove 

The Eagle K47 is a flexible, ready-to-go feel of the 4-finger, Eagle KK, with a pocket for fielding any ground ball or fly ball but with an even smaller pocket size for more significant challenge and development. For the younger or older player who prefers the softer, more leisurely break-in feel, the Eagle K47 is perfect for you. Eagle K47 has the velcro wrist back for easy adjustment to whatever size hand you have.   It’s small, it’s made to last, and it can be used for any infield drills, such as backhand, forward hand, double plays, etc.  Before even getting to market, MLB teams purchased the Eagle K47.

Used by Toronto Blue Jays star shortstop Bo Bichette. Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, and others have already purchased the Eagle K47 for spring training. This training glove is not limited to MLB players but is excellent for youth, travel, high school, college, and all pro players. Practice makes perfect! Hone your skills and build soft hands, proper technique, and hand-eye coordination with the Eagle K47 4-Finger training glove.

Valle Training Gloves are the “only” white color training gloves for baseball and softball players.  The most recognizable white color, highest quality, best design, best feel, and why the pros to little league players choose Valle. 

Product Features

  • Size 7″
  • Finger pads over the index  finger
  • Valle Custom glove heel design for better feel, comfort, and fielding
  • Beautiful embroidery of “Train Like A Pro”
  • Perfect for baseball & softball players