Valle Eagle KK Trainer 4 Finger Flat Training Glove

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Valle Eagle KK Trainer – 4 Finger Training Glove

The KK Trainer 4 Finger flat training glove combines the tremendous benefit of a flat style training glove that promotes the use of two hands, but has the feel of a game glove with finger slots and flexibility to allow the fielder to be loose and comfortable.  This unique glove allows the fingers to be relaxed and slightly bent as in a game glove, but with a smaller surface that trains players to have fast hands. The glove is all leather, highly flexible, and simulates the feeling of catching a ball with your “bare hand” but has leather and padding for protection. Suitable for all ages, from tee-ball to the professional ballplayer. Used by many college and MLB teams.

Valle Training Gloves are the “only” white color training gloves for baseball and softball players.  The most recognizable white color, highest quality, best design, best feel, and why the pros to little league players choose Valle. 

Product Features

  • High-quality, soft “white” leather
  • 4-Finger glove feels like a game glove
  • Flat pocket creates “fast” hands
  • Available for left and right-hand throwers